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Buy Real Instagram Followers

When it comes to concrete figures for Instagram advertising, there has been little information. Until now. Brand Networks, an affiliate of the photo platform has now published data that provide insight into the advertising world of Instagram. The key finding: The number of commercials increases massively. While in Augsut 2015 another 50 million page impressions, there are now about 670 million. There are a a few websites where you can buy real instagram followers, but the majority sell fake and inactive followers that won't do your account any good.

The data are characterized by fairly accurately how much Instagram now increases advertising delivery. Total Brand Networks counted 1.6 billion page impressions in July 2015. The curve since then has continuously upward alone from August to December, the value by 13 times to 670 million now has risen.

Now a rise out partway through advertising is usually a sign of more advertisers. But the threat scenario in which the ads lose as a result of value seems to not enter. The mille prices remain relatively stable over the months. In September he was about 5 dollars, then fell after a high in November (about $ 7) again to about $ 6.
Just last week published his Instagram user numbers in individual markets. In Germany, more than 9 million people use the photo app. Last year, Facebook daughter had their advertising opportunities - about Carousel-Ads or videos - all companies worldwide access.

Big eyes, pug nose, round cheeks and clumsy movements. The Kindchenschema long gone if more to "how cute Oh" to coax us. Too many cats have already tried in online networks like Facebook and Instagram to conquer the users heart. After all, can be so-called Cat content dating back to the in 1994. Since then there Bonsai Kitten best place to buy instagram followers, Cat Memes with incorrect English. The cat "Maru" with the Sackerl Fetish and the cat with the grumpy look achieved celebrity status in the networks in the world.

For users, entertainment and the owners a lucrative business. Grumpy Cat has led the way. The fortune is estimated at over 80 million euros. Thus, the four-legged friends is richer than Christiano Ronaldo with the genetic hair growth, Nicole Kidman or even Matt Damon.

And even now may Grumpy Cat halls fill when it loads the signing of a new book. The marketing machine in full swing. In addition to books, book signings and guest appearances, there are now Grumpy Cat as stuffed animal.

The fascination with animal content could not scientifically be completely clarified. It is clear only that this does not simply repeat successes. But still try many users, with their dogs to have a similar success. The procedure is always creative.

Meanwhile, also rabbits and hedgehogs very front on the popularity scale. And if that does not work, the animals are simply plugged in bizarre outfits.

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